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a woman without jewelry is like a night without stars..

If you are reading this you’re already a fan. If you stumbled upon this, you will soon be a fan. The hand crafted jewelry of Vertigo342 defies expectation. It exemplifies design. There’s nothing like it. When you see it, it’s clear. When you wear it, it becomes even clearer.

Jean Bradley has been a professional artist for 40 years. Her watercolor and acrylic painting classes and workshops have been attended and enjoyed by hundreds of students. Her artistry has tumbled over into jewelry design. She loves creating these marvelous pieces of wearable art. Healing stones are collected for their energies and soothing properties and displayed on a necklace so women benefit not only for the beauty but also for the healing qualities. The acrylic pieces are collected and some hand made to present that “sparkle” that attracts women of all ages!

Jean feels that wearing a piece of Vertigo 342 jewelry, a woman can conquer the world!

Jean Bradley lives and creates with her husband Rik Phillips, designer and sculptor, in southern California.

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